Ahli Capital Investment Company has partnered with BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, to manage an exlcusive global fund,  Ahli International Multi Asset Holding Fund, domiciled in Kuwait and licensed by CMA. 
 Ahli International Multi Asset Holding Fund (AIMAH) aims to provide long term capital appreciation while diversifying risk globally with international investments spread across different asset classes and licensed funds. 
The Fund’s currency is in Kuwaiti Dinars with a mimumun subsription amount of KWD 500 and additional subscription of KWD 50. Clients can subscribe and redeem on a monthly basis. Ahli International Multi Asset Holding Fund’s risk categorization is moderate. The Fund invests in a wide range of other funds, providing broad diversification over multiple asset classes and across numerous geographical regions.

Fund Managers
Khaled Adel Al Duaij            Rajesh George       Ali Sarab Ameir

Fund Exposures in:

•Fixed Income (Developed and Emerging)
•Equity (Developed and Emerging)
•Alternative Assets

Why Invest?
•Invested Globally
•Mulitple Asset Classes
•Actively Managed
•Broad Diversification
•Highly liquid

Key Benefits

Actively Managed - The underlying funds are continually monitored, reviewed and changed to ensure that there is the optimal selection required to maximize returns.
Broad Diversification – Even a small investment provides exposure to numerous different asset classes as well as multiple geographical regions and industry sectors.
Local Presence with International Expertise – The perfect combination to provide the best in local client service and convenience with global reach and leading experience.
Easy Accessibility - Investing is very straight forward and provides easy access to a wide range of professionally managed investments in a few simple steps.
Highly Liquid – Monthly subscriptions and redemptions.

Please click here to view Ahli International Multi Asset Holding Fund's Articles of Association.

Please click here to view the Capital Markets Authority License for Ahli Inetrnational Multi Asset Holding Fund.

To further inquire about Ahli International Multi Asset Holding Fund, email acic_wealthmngt@abkuwait.com, visit the Company’s headquarters located in Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait’s Head Office or call us on 1832832.