Ahli Capital seeks to further build its team of dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds, by offering opportunities for early career establishment while attracting experienced professionals, mainly in the area of Portfolio and Fund Management, Advisory Research, Relationship Management and Dealing and Trading. 

Ahli Capital boasts its entrepreneurial spirit of a small organization, merged with the resources of a large banking establishment for related synergies. It offers a competitive standard compensation and benefits package, coupled with attractive career development opportunities and an encouraging environment, where skilled and talented professionals can thrive and grow. 

Ahli Capital’s Core Values consist of:

Transparency: An open environment with a focus on transparent and regular communications, allowing employees to operate with a clear direction 

Integrity: Adopting the element of honesty in everything we do 

Simplicity: Let’s not over complicate what we want to achieve, set high goals and reach them 

Excellence: Always strive to make things better for both customers and colleagues