ACIC is committed to adhering to the highest standards in its corporate governance practices. 
The Board of Directors of ACIC adopts a sound Corporate Governance framework that enhances  the overall governance environment in line with leading practices, laws and regulations. 
Board Committees
In compliance with the requirements of the Capital Markets Authority in Kuwait, ACIC has three committees: 
•Nominations and Remunerations Committee
•Risk Committee
•Audit Committee
Nominations and Renumeration Committee
Principal Role:
The Principal role of the Nomination and Renumeration Committee is recommending Board Members’ appointments and 
 re-nomination for election by the General Assembly as well as recommending the remuneration of the members of the Board and of Executive Management to the Board according to annual self-assessment.
1.Sahar Abdulaziz Al-Rumaih  
2.Khaled Hussain Al Shatti
3.Georges Richani
Risk  Committee
Principal Role:
The principal role of the Risk Committee is to draw the risk management policies and bylaws in line with the risk appetite of the company.
Members :
1.Yasmine Marwan Salamah
2.Georges Richani
3.Khaled Hussain Al Shatti 

Audit Committee
Principal Role:
The principal role of the Audit Committee is to ensure the soundness and integrity of the financial reports and internal control systems.
Members : 
1.Khaled Hussain Al-Shatti
2.Yasmine Marwan Salamah 
3.Naser Adel Behbehani