Asset Management services offered by Ahli Capital include Portfolio Management Services, Custody Services, Investment Advisory Services, GCC & International Investments and Alternative Investments. Our offerings include in-house product solutions as well as the best in class third party solutions.

Portfolio Management Solutions

We manage discretionary and non-discretionary portfolios for our clients. We aim to deliver portfolios constructed with careful consideration to the overall risk/return objectives as well as the liquidity needs of our clients. We work closely with clients to deliver the desired asset mix and exposures while targeting the highest level of return for the amount of risk taken. Asset class, geographic, sector and style allocations all contribute to an optimal portfolio. We deploy the latest tools to construct the right risk/return profile of any portfolio. We are also tied up with experienced international asset managers to seek their assistance and expertise to provide portfolio solutions within the Conventional as well as in Shariah compliant domains.

Our standard portfolio management solutions can be categorized as Defensive, Moderate and Growth. Each of these standard solutions have specified risk targets which is maximum of 6% standard deviation for Defensive, up to 10% standard deviation for Moderate and above 10% standard deviation for Growth. Based on the risk profiling of each investor we would be able to advise on the right portfolio solution.

These standard solutions are offered in Conventional and Shariah structures. The Conventional solutions are based on ETFs which are diversified over a wide range of asset classes. The Shariah solutions are structured based on Shariah compliant funds. We may also seek the expertise of international fund management houses in structuring these solutions.

We believe transparency is a key factor in any portfolio management relationship. We provide this not only through our regular reporting of client holdings but also through the discussions the clients will have with our relationship managers. 

Funds Management

We are proud to say that we have a team of very experienced fund managers and are known to be one of the best fund managers in the region, covering GCC equities.

Our funds have a track record which spans over periods tested by challenging conditions in the GCC markets as well as the international markets. These funds have earned the reputation of being amongst the top performing funds in Kuwait due to their consistent performance spanning many years.

Our fund management approach is backed by a stringent risk management framework, where different risk factors are constantly monitored. Our investment philosophy is based on a long term approach of value oriented investing, which pragmatically looks beyond short term noises and short term market disruptions.