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  • Ahli Capital Investment Company recognized International Day of Persons with Disabilities Read more...
  • TAKAUD Partnership Expands Kuwait's Ahli Capital Client Offerings Read more...
  • The Fund outperformed the Kuwaiti Weighted Index over twelve months Read more...
  • CMA Resolution No (84) for 2018 reference to collective investment license for Ahli Capital Investment Company for the establishment of Ahli International Multi Asset Holding Fund Read more...
  • Articles of Association of the Al Ahli Gulf Fund and Al Ahli Kuwaiti Fund have been updated Read more...
  • Al Ahli Kuwaiti Fund's Articles of Association Update Read more...
  • Mr.Shuaib Abdullah Shuaib as External Auditor

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Fawzy Thunayan Althunayan


Michel Accad

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Tom Lind

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Board Member

Khaled Hussain Al Shatti

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Executive Management

Muhsen M. Alharbi

Chief Executive Officer